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Terms and Conditions

1. Offer and agreement

  • All offers are without the obligation as concerns price, delivery times and possibility of delivery.
  • All prices quoted exclude VAT and taxes. On export orders duties and documentation fees may apply, these will be charged additionally, and customs clearance will be the customer's responsibility.
  • Unless otherwise stated we may supply +/- 10% on the quantity ordered depending the products supplied.
  • This quotation is valid for 7 days unless otherwise stated.

2. Delivery

  • Delivery dates are calculated on an estimate of receipt of an acceptable digital artwork file if appropriate, sampling if required, approval by the client of final product artwork if appropriate, receipt of a confirmed Marke Creative sales order and any necessary customer purchase order. Delivery dates are subject to final confirmation due to stock availability and production time.
  • We will be happy to try to improve upon any delivery time but rush charges may apply.
  • Your order may be sent in separate shipments unless specified otherwise.
  • Please note we regret that due to the custom nature of your order we are unable to accept cancellation of, or returns for the good, after receipt of a confirmed order confirmation or purchase order, as production of the order products will have started. Returns of products will not be accepted unless prior written approval is received from Marke Creative Merchandise.
  • The seller undertakes no liability whatsoever for the consequences of delayed delivery in the case of force majeure.
  • Extra transport costs which have arisen as a result of blocked shipment due to incorrect information given by the customer or failure to accept goods may be charged on.

3. Claims

  • Claims must be submitted in writing at the latest 8 days after the receipt of the invoice. After that the date, claims are no longer entitled to be acknowledged. No claims will either be acknowledged if the goods which have been delivered have been processed in any manner.

4. Liability

  • We are not liable for any damages whatsoever, in any form whatsoever, whether they are direct or indirect, which could be the result of the use, or the unsuitability, respectively, of what we have delivered. This does not affect any provisions of obligatory law which have been laid down in statutory provisions. With regard to the goods which we have in our possession in connection with the implementation of an agreement, the buyer is obliged to indemnify us in full against any claims of third parties, even if they relate to compensation of damages which can be directly connected with those goods.

5. Applicable law

  • All deliveries are made under English law.

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